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Preventive maintenance – spend a little, save a lot!


Big Truck oil changePreventive maintenance is one of those things that we all recognize that we need to do, but don’t always follow through. Like flossing your teeth, or getting regular medical checkups, the purpose of auto preventive maintenance is to stop minor issues from becoming huge, costly problems.

But what counts as preventive maintenance?

Let’s agree first of all that cars are engineering masterpieces and if kept in optimal condition, should provide years of comfortable driving experiences!

Preventive maintenance – PM for short – is based on what automotive engineers outline should be performed at specific intervals based on mileage or time. As the automobile evolves, we are also seeing PM services such as CVT fluid change being driven by self monitoring capabilities within the vehicle; the car tells you when it needs something! We technicians can look at this type of data with our scan tools.

If you follow the maintenance schedule specified for your car, chances are good that you’ll experience many miles of trouble-free driving.

PM is often not performed on older higher mileage vehicles, but that’s really when they need it the most. Just like me being in tune with my medical doctor more often as I age, the same holds true for the family car. It sometimes seems that many of us are willing to skirt maintenance that keeps our vehicle at its best, unwilling to make a commitment to having a healthy vehicle. But look at the benefits!

Perhaps the greatest benefits are realized when the vehicle has begun to age and yet can still be utilized by its owner for even more miles of commuting, a family member’s needs, or a back up car. This arrangement is great for the budget, as the vehicle is paid for, and you’ll have lower insurance premiums and lower property taxes.

I also think that there’s the unspoken benefit of having less worry because you’re less steep on the depreciation curve. Once we realize the effort we expend to pay for a new car, an older, safe and well-running car looks really comforting and feels great!

And here’s an insider tip that applies to cars, trucks, teeth, relationships, and life in general. When a technician takes a look under the hood, it’s usually a lot better – for the owner and the shop – for the tech to see a properly maintained vehicle. It evokes the best from everybody!